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Welcome to Hometek Renovations & Extensions – Your Trusted Luxury Single Storey Home Builders in Sydney

At Hometek Renovations & Extensions, we don’t just build homes; we create dreams. With over three decades of experience, we have established ourselves as the pioneers in the world of luxury single storey house designs. Our passion for architecture, attention to detail, and commitment to exceeding expectations sets us apart as the ultimate choice for turning your vision into reality.

Why Choose Us as Your Luxury Single Storey Home Builders?

  • Unparalleled Expertise: With 30+ years of experience, our mastery in crafting luxury single storey homes is unrivaled. We blend innovative designs with timeless elegance, creating spaces that redefine luxury living.
  • Tailored Perfection: Your dream home deserves to be a reflection of your unique taste and lifestyle. Our team of skilled architects and designers work closely with you to ensure every detail aligns with your vision.
  • Seamless Project Management: From conception to completion, we manage every aspect of your project. Our efficient project management ensures a smooth journey, delivering your dream home on time and within budget.
  • Award-Winning Excellence: Our multi-award winning team takes pride in setting industry benchmarks. We consistently deliver exceptional craftsmanship, setting new standards for luxury single storey home builders in Sydney.
  • Local SEO for Alexandria: As a proud Alexandria-based business, we understand the local landscape. Our expertise in local SEO ensures your dream home gets the visibility it deserves, connecting with those who seek unparalleled luxury in their living spaces.
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Reliable Team

Our high-end and prestige home renovations and extensions company is designed to meet the requirements of both homeowners and investors. Work with a reliable team who has the knowledge, experience, and understanding of different house styles and requirements.

Luxurious and
Prestigious Designs

Before the building phase, design and planning are essential aspects of your home renovation project. We guarantee to give you high-end and prestige home renovations and extensions to make your house look more sophisticated.

We Are Your One-Stop-Shop

we are ready to manage every aspect of your high-end and prestige home renovations and extensions. Our specialists ensure a seamless process from the initial design to handover to keep everything on track.

Get High-Quality Results

Having completed millions of dollars worth of renovation projects, our high-end renovations and extensions company guarantees superior quality results.

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Turn Your Dream Home into a Reality with Hometek Renovations & Extensions

As luxury single storey home builders, we take pride in transforming dreams into meticulously designed living spaces. From single storey house designs that exude opulence to personalized touches that make a house a home, our journey is about crafting perfection.

Get in touch today for a consultation and let’s embark on a journey to create your bespoke luxury haven.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sets Hometek Renovations & Extensions apart from other luxury single storey home builders in Sydney?

At Hometek, we blend over 30 years of experience with a deep passion for architectural excellence. Our commitment to tailored designs, seamless project management, and award-winning craftsmanship makes us the top choice for discerning homeowners seeking the epitome of luxury living.

2. Can you customize the single storey house designs to match my preferences?

Absolutely! Our team of skilled architects and designers work closely with you to understand your vision, preferences, and lifestyle. Your dream home is a reflection of your personality, and we’re here to bring that vision to life in every detail.

3. How does Hometek manage the project timeline and budget?

Our efficient project management ensures that your project progresses seamlessly from start to finish. We provide transparent timelines and detailed cost estimates, ensuring that your dream home is delivered on time and within the agreed budget.

4. Are you only based in Alexandria, or do you serve other Sydney suburbs?

While we proudly call Alexandria home, our luxury single storey home building services extend across Sydney. Whether you’re in the heart of the city or its outskirts, our expertise and local understanding allow us to create homes that resonate with your chosen location.

5. What is the process of getting started with Hometek Renovations & Extensions?

Getting started is easy! Begin with a consultation where we discuss your ideas and requirements. Our team will collaborate with you to create a custom design, finalize the project details, and initiate construction. Throughout the journey, we keep you informed and engaged to ensure your dream home becomes a reality.

6. Do you offer any warranties on your luxury single storey homes?

Yes, we offer warranties on our craftsmanship and materials used. Our commitment to quality means that you can enjoy your luxury home with peace of mind, knowing that it’s built to last and backed by our assurance.

8. How do I schedule a consultation with Hometek Renovations & Extensions?

Scheduling a consultation is easy. Simply give us a call at +61 1300 098 696, and our team will be delighted to arrange a time that suits you. We look forward to discussing your dream home project