[ Heritage Meets Modern Design ]

Heritage Home Builders Expert

Hometek Renovations & Extensions and their team of dedicated craftsmen care deeply about keeping old homes in good shape. Over the past thirty years, they have become the best at preserving and building Australian Heritage and Period Style Homes with a history.

[ Uncompromised Quality ]

Heritage Block Design

We use the unique heritage style design to make homes that look great from the street. Each homes has a classic heritage style and a modern floor plan to fit the way people live today.

Hometek Renovations & Extensions loves bringing back the look of the past and keeping our history alive. We think that this style will always be liked.

Heritage House Design & Build

Hometek Renovations & Extensions is a group of professionals who know a lot about and have a lot of experience with old homes. We know the laws and restrictions that apply to renovating, repairing, and adding on to heritage homes in Sydney.

Designed For You

Each heritage home plan we design for our clients is unique. We work with you to make plans for your house that are perfect for you and your family.

Get More For Your Money

You get more for your money when you design your own heritage-style home instead of buying a new one from a stock plan. Because when you build your own house, you can choose every part.

You Make Every Decision

Having your own heritage house plan made by a Sydney heritage home buidler has many benefits. Instead of picking from pre-made plans or hoping to find a home with everything you've ever wanted, designing a home with us gives you a lot more freedom.


Why Build a Heritage Home in Sydney

Heritage homes are important parts of NSW’s past. Their importance in Sydney’s market is shown by how well they are built and designed.

Our services can help you enjoy the old with a touch of the new. Our team of heritage home experts will walk you through the process, laws, council regulations and restrictions for heritage homes in Sydney. This will make sure that building a heritage home doesn’t cause you any trouble.

Renovating Heritage Homes Challenges

The hard part about any heritage house is figuring out what to keep and how to keep it. It needs to be changed in a way that is sensitive to your needs and lifestyle, without losing the historical features and meaning that made it special in the first place.

To make a design that not only keeps your home’s historical and design value but also improves it. To do this, you have to be very careful and use a designer’s touch.

Sustainable Solutions for Heritage Buildings

We have the experience, knowledge, and attention to detail you need to make your heritage home fit your lifestyle. We start by doing a thorough and careful assessment of your property’s heritage significance. We will show you the best parts of your property and help you decide what should stay the same and what should be changed.

By pointing out the most important features and areas that need to be taken care of, you can start to imagine how your design might look and feel. You can even take a tour of your new home before it is built with our 3D design experience.


See Your Dream Home in Beautiful 3D

Unique homes have unique beginnings.

Before construction even begins, every one of our custom-built homes is first envisioned in a high-quality 3D model, allowing you to virtually tour the house.

These models, which are a constant source of excitement, enable us to show clients not only how their dream homes will look but also – and perhaps more importantly – how they will feel.