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Looking for a Beach House Builder in Sydney?

Hometek have been building beach homes in Sydney for many years now and have a reputation for providing quality house design, construction and finish.

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Sydney Coastal Builder of Homes that Win Awards

Imagine waking up to the sound of the tide brushing against the shoreline, drinking coffee in salty sea air, and enjoy sun bathing or surf into the sea in your new beach home, this may be your daily routine.

At Hometek we pride ourselves on our professional approach to constructing high quality, custom built seaside homes in exclusive locations like the Eastern Suburbs and Northern Beaches of Sydney,  award winning homes for a long list of clients since 1996.

Beach House Design & Build

Our skilled designers will create a home that blends into your site and maximises natural features.

Designed For You

Each heritage home plan we design for our clients is unique. We work with you to make plans for your house that are perfect for you and your family.

Get More For Your Money

You get more for your money when you design your own heritage-style home instead of buying a new one from a stock plan. Because when you build your own house, you can choose every part.

You Make Every Decision

Our in-house design service team allows you to follow the progress of your dream home from concept to completion. Hometek will design and build a home to suit your Australian coastal lifestyle and location.

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Benefits of Coastal Living: Beach Life

What’s more peaceful than coastal living? Walking distance to the oceanfront from your home. This lets you enjoy the beach whenever you want. BBQs, picnics, and swell surfing come to mind. Not to mention sipping a cocktail or margarita on your porch while watching the ocean.

Living Comfortably: Why a Beach House?

Your beach house will be an enviable property and a smart investment because you can enjoy both the beach and the city.

Modern Beach House: Luxury Living

Hometek’s coastal homes redefine modern luxury. Fresh architectural ideas can give your dream home a unique blend of comfort and style. Your beach house can be your getaway and a stylish mix of elegance and simplicity.

What Should I Look for in a Sydney Beach House Builder?

Finding the right beach house builders could be the key to building your dream beach home. 

Choosing a Builder: Beyond Construction

A good builder is crucial to home building success. You want skilled carpenters, custom cabinetry, trustworthy electricians, and meticulous plumbers. Your beach house builders must have a skilled manager who can execute your design. They should go beyond construction to build your dream home to your specifications.

Choose Your Beach House Design: Key Factors

The design of your home is crucial. Always choose a beach house design that matches your personality and the beach. Balance between aesthetics and functionality makes a well-designed property. Everything should work together to create your dream home, from the roofer‘s touch to the painter‘s.

Coastal Home Designs: Form and Function

A coastal home should be easy to live in and reflect your style. Architecture should complement the local scene and respect the environment. Your dream home should be functional and attractive, whether it’s a glass wall for a panoramic ocean view or a space for surfboards and wetsuits.

Building Your Dream Home

Uncompromising construction standards are essential. Make sure your building team has the skills to build your home quickly and well.  standard for your dream beach house.

High-quality construction makes your beach home last and require less maintenance. To keep your property in good condition, check it regularly. Scheduled seal and insulation maintenance can prevent long-term damage from salt and high airflow from sea weather.

New Home Construction Planning: Expectations

Expect the unexpected when building a beach home. From planning to moving in, details like budget, timeline, and construction challenges must be considered. A skilled builder can handle these complexities, ensuring a smooth home build.

Key Steps for Building on the Coast

A systematic approach to the building process, from choosing the right builder to reporting updates, can help you build your dream home while preserving Sydney’s coastal inlets.

Building your dream beach home in Sydney takes time, effort, and the right professionals, but the joy of owning a custom-made coastal property will be worth it.


See Your Dream Beach Home in Beautiful 3D

Unique homes have unique beginnings.

Before construction even begins, every one of our custom-built homes is first envisioned in a high-quality 3D model, allowing you to virtually tour the house.

These models, which are a constant source of excitement, enable us to show clients not only how their dream homes will look but also – and perhaps more importantly – how they will feel.