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Luxury Renovations are one of the most effective ways to boost the appeal of a property in this competitive market and can ultimately yield long-term returns.

This article will explore the considerations, renovations, and value of renovating investment properties in the Eastern Suburbs rental market.

Impact of COVID-19 on Rental Market

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an increased supply of rental properties in the eastern suburbs. This has been driven by overseas travel bans, which have caused many Airbnb properties to be converted into long-term leases. As a result, vacancy rates have doubled and rental prices have decreased. Two-bedroom apartments are now leasing for an average of $800 to $900 per week.

The impact of this shift in the rental market is significant. Property demand has also been impacted, with a 30% increase in competing properties. This increased competition has forced landlords to be more competitive in order to attract tenants.

In this challenging market, renovations are essential for landlords to stand out. Renovations can help boost property appeal and increase rental income. By investing in upgrades and improvements, landlords can make their properties more attractive to potential tenants.

Considerations for Renovating Investment Properties

Renovating investment properties in the eastern suburbs can be a smart move, as long as careful considerations are made to ensure the best return on investment. Well-presented properties are essential to stay competitive in the current market, and it may be necessary to renovate older properties to attract tenants.

Basic home renovations, kitchen and bathroom upgrades, outdoor landscaping, and heating and cooling systems are all important investments that can increase the appeal of a property. Cost-effective renovations can add long-term value and help keep rental income coming in.

Property market trends should also be taken into account when making decisions. Consider consulting an expert to ensure the best outcome for your investment.

Important Renovations for Investment Properties

Upgrading investment properties with basic home renovations, kitchen and bathroom updates, outdoor landscaping, and heating and cooling systems is essential to maximize returns in the eastern suburbs rental market.

Consider new paint, carpets, and floorboards to ensure a modern look.

Invest in kitchen features such as dishwashers, gas stoves, and ample storage.

For bathrooms, update taps, vanities, mirrors, and toilets.

Landscaping and outdoor upgrades can provide the perfect aesthetic to attract tenants.

Heating and cooling upgrades can start from $1,200.

Renovations provide a good return on investment (ROI), and capital works deductions may be claimed.

Invest in quality fittings to make the most of the eastern suburbs rental market.

Basic Home Renovations

Sanding and polishing floorboards, painting walls, and replacing carpets can help give a property a modern look, while providing a good return on investment. Cost-effective renovations can increase a property’s rental income and add long-term value.Basic Home RenovationsConsiderations
Paint and carpetsFloor changes, paintwork, lighting, and structural updatesCompare to similar properties
Sand and polish floorboardsDishwashers, gas stoves, and ample storageVacant property vs. cost of renovation
Neutral palettesTaps, vanities, mirrors, and toiletsAttract tenants and increase rental income
Lighting updatesAir conditioningWell-presented properties essential
Structural updatesGarden and courtyard upgradesIncrease appeal and value

Basic home renovations provide a cost-effective solution to modernizing an investment property and increasing its rental income. Floor changes, paintwork, lighting, and structural updates can help improve the property’s appeal, while neutral palettes reflect light and make it easier for tenants to personalize the space. Fixtures such as dishwashers, gas stoves, and ample storage can further enhance the property’s value. Bathroom renovations including taps, vanities, mirrors, and toilets, as well as air conditioning and outdoor upgrades such as landscaping and courtyard improvements, can all help attract tenants and increase the property’s return on investment. Well-presented properties are essential in the current market and comparing your property to similar ones in the area can help you make an informed choice.

Kitchen Renovations

Updating a kitchen can be a cost-effective way to significantly improve the appeal of a property and increase its rental income. A modern kitchen renovation can add style and value, while also maximizing rental income. Here are some cost-effective kitchen upgrades to consider:

  1. Invest in quality appliances like dishwashers, gas stoves, and ovens.
  2. Replace countertops and cabinets for a fresh, modern look.
  3. Enhance the space with stylish lighting fixtures and modern decor.

Kitchen renovations can be an affordable solution that will not only increase curb appeal, but also help maximize rental income. Professional builders and renovation experts can help turn ideas into reality and help turn an outdated kitchen into a modern, attractive space. Investing in quality kitchen upgrades can help make the property more attractive to potential tenants and lead to higher rental returns.

Bathroom Renovations

Installing modern bathroom fittings, such as taps, vanities, mirrors, and toilets, can have a noticeable impact on the appeal of a rental property in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Bathroom renovations can be a cost-effective way to attract tenants and increase rental income.

Costs for bathroom renovations range from $7,000 to $30,000 or more, depending on the scope of the project. Popular bathroom renovation trends include adding energy-efficient fixtures, using neutral palettes, and incorporating sophisticated storage solutions. Updated taps and vanities can also make a big difference in the overall look and feel of the bathroom.

Investing in a quality bathroom renovation can help property owners keep their rental income flowing and add long-term value to their investments.

Outdoor Upgrades and Landscaping

Upgrading or landscaping the private garden or courtyard of a property in Sydney’s eastern suburbs can have a dramatic impact on its appeal to potential tenants and increase rental income.

To achieve this, consider the following trends:

  1. Create an inviting outdoor space by adding features such as outdoor furniture, lighting, and water features.
  2. Incorporate native plants and plants that attract wildlife, such as birds and butterflies.
  3. Use modern landscaping materials such as pavers and retaining walls to create a stylish and contemporary look.

These outdoor upgrades can help create an inviting outdoor space that will attract tenants and increase the value of the property. Consider these trends, combined with a neutral palette, to create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Heating and Cooling Upgrades or Installations

Adding air conditioning to a property in Sydney’s eastern suburbs can provide a modern touch and meet the expectations of potential tenants. Investing in cost-effective cooling options and installing popular heating trends can increase the appeal of a rental property. A split system installation is one of the most popular and cost-effective choices for heating and cooling a property:

$1,200Single Split System
$2,000 – $4,000Multi Split System
$4,000 – $6,000Ducted System

To get the most out of your investment, choose heating and cooling solutions that are energy efficient and long-lasting. With the right installation, tenants will enjoy a comfortable climate all year round. Invest in quality products and you’ll be rewarded with a property that stands out from the competition.

Long-term Value of Luxury Property Renovations

Renovating an investment property in Sydney’s eastern suburbs can not only help keep rental income coming in, but can also add long-term value to the property.

Property owners can benefit from Capital Works deductions based on the type of renovations completed, as well as:

  1. Increase rental income potential
  2. Enhance property value appreciation
  3. Update fittings that withstand multiple tenancies

Investing in renovations is an excellent way to modernize a property and attract tenants, ultimately increasing rental income and providing long-term value.

About Hometek Renovations & Extensions

Hometek Renovations & Extensions is a renowned builder and renovation expert in Sydney, boasting over 30 years of experience in providing quality, cost-effective kitchen, bathroom renovations, and home extensions. With an in-depth understanding of the Sydney rental market, they’re uniquely placed to advise on renovations that can maximize rental income and property appeal.

Benefits of hiring professional luxury renovators include access to cutting-edge tools, quality materials, and innovative designs. Additionally, their experienced team provides tailored advice on how to maximize the value of the property, from selecting the right fixtures to optimizing the layout.

Tips for maximizing rental income through renovations involve utilizing modern materials, ensuring the property is well-presented, and selecting hard-wearing fixtures that stand the test of time.

With Hometek Renovations & Extensions, clients can trust they’ll get the best advice to get the most out of their investment.

Get Expert Advice on Renovations

For successful property investments in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, expert advice on renovations is essential, and Hometek Renovations & Extensions provides the necessary expertise and resources. From budget friendly renovation options to the latest trends in the rental market, Hometek Renovations & Extensions can help.

Here are three key renovation considerations for investments:

  1. Well-presented properties are key investments in the current market.
  2. Renovations can help attract tenants and increase rental income.
  3. Upgrade outdoor spaces and landscaping to create a stunning garden aesthetic.

Hometek Renovations & Extensions can provide the advice and resources to help you turn your visions into reality. Their experience and quality workmanship will help you maximize your property investments.

With Hometek Renovations & Extensions, you can transform your Sydney eastern suburbs property and prepare for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Areas Are Experiencing Similar Rental Market Effects Due to Covid-19?

COVID-19 has had similar effects on rental markets across the country. Investment strategies have changed and tenant rights have been affected. To maximize success, landlords must stay informed of trends and remain proactive in their approach.

How Can I Accurately Assess the Costs of Renovating an Investment Property?

Accurately assessing the costs of renovating an investment property is like finding the right pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Evaluate the cost benefit and potential rental value to ensure the best return on investment. With an experienced professional, innovation and savings can be achieved while ensuring the property is well presented for tenants.

Are There Tax Benefits Associated With Renovating a Property?

Yes, there are tax benefits associated with renovating a property, such as incentivized tax deductions. Investing in renovations may be seen as a long-term investment that not only adds value to a property but may also be eligible for tax deductions. Renovations can be financially rewarding in more ways than one.

What Are the Necessary Safety Precautions When Renovating a Property?

Innovative investors must insure renovations and use quality materials to ensure safety while renovating a property. Careful planning and attention to detail are key to ensure a successful renovation project.

Are There Any Additional Services Available From Hometek Renovations & Extensions?

Hometek Renovations & Extensions offers experienced investment advice and industry-leading knowledge of local renovation trends. Their services include a free quote and consultation to help clients modernize their properties and maximize their return on investment.


Property renovations in Sydney’s eastern suburbs are like a breath of fresh air for the rental market. By making updates and improvements, property owners can ensure their properties stand out in a competitive market while increasing the long-term value of their investment.

With the help of experienced builders like Hometek Renovations & Extensions, property owners can make the most of their rental investments and ensure their properties continue to yield returns.